What is Artificial Intelligence?

Do you know what is Artificial Intelligence (AI) ? Ever since computers have been invented, humans have greatly increased their use. We put them into doing all our work, which makes us more dependent on computers. Humans have increased the capacity of these machines to a great extent such as their speed, size, and inability to work so that we can do our work in a very short time.

A new domain has now emerged which people know as Artificial Intelligence which is basically a branch of Computer Science and whose main job is to make such intelligent machines that are as intelligent as humans. This will make our work even easier. Then without delay let’s start and know what is artificial intelligence and why is it so important for us.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

The full form of AI is Artificial Intelligence. This is a simulation that machines are given human intelligence or we can say that their brain is so advanced that they can think and work like humans. 

If we talk about the particular applications of AI:- expert system, speech recognition, and machine vision.

 AI or Artificial Intelligence has been created in such a way that it can think like humans, how the human mind first learns any problem, then processes it. In the same type of artificial intelligence, machines have also been given all the characteristics of the human mind so that they can work better.

Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence

John McCarthy first told the world about Artificial Intelligence. He was an American Computer Scientist, who first told about this technology at the Dartmouth Conference in 1956

Today, it has become very big like a tree and all the things from robotics to automation are covered under it. In the last few years, it has gained a lot of publicity because it has also included the technology of big data and many companies want to adopt this technology. 

When the man was discovering the true power of the computer system, the human desire to know more and made it think that ” Can machines think like us too?” And that’s how the development of Artificial Intelligence started, which had only one objective, to create an intelligent machine that is intelligent like humans and can think like us.

Artificial Intelligence Goals

• Creating Expert Systems – Creating some systems that can perform intelligent behavior, that can learn, demonstrate, explain, and advise its users with it.
• Implementing Human Intelligence in Machines – Creating systems that can understand, think, teach, and behave like humans.

What is Artificial Technique?

If we talk about the real world, then there are some strange characteristics of knowledge such as
• Its volume is too much, or it is unimaginable.
• It is not completely well-organized or well-formatted.
• Along with this it constantly changes.

Types or types of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence can be divided into many types, but the most prominent among them are

1) Weak AI
2) Strong AI

Weak AI: –

This type of AI is also called narrow AI, these AI systems have been designed in such a way that they only do a particular task. For example, there is a very good example of Virtual Personal Assistants such as Apple’s Siri, Google Assitant, Alexa are weak AI.

Strong AI :-

This type of artificial intelligence is also called general artificial intelligence. This type of AI system has the intelligence of a generalized human being so that if it is given a difficult task at the time, it can easily find its solution. 

Arend Hintze, who is also an assistant professor of integrative biology and computer science and engineering, at Michigan State University. 

He has categorized AI into four parts, which are some of this type.

• Type 1: Reactive machines.
An example of this is Deep Blue, an IBM chess program that defeated Garry Kasparov in the 1990s. Deep Blue has been designed in such a way that it can identify the pieces of chess board and can prediction accordingly. But it does not have some memory of its own so that it cannot remember its past move, which it can use in future. It analyzes possible moves – its own and its opponent’s – and then it chooses the best strategic move accordingly. Deep Blue and Google’s AlphaGO have been designed for narrator purposes and cannot be easily applied in other situations.

• Type 2: Limited memory.
Such AI systems use their past experiences to decide their future decisions. Some decision-making functions that are used in autonomous vehicles have been designed in a similar way. By using similar observations, future accidents can be prevented to some extent, such as changing the car into another lane. These observations are not a permanent store.

• Type 3: Theory of mind.
This is a psychology term. This is a hypothetical concept. In this, it shows that others have their own beliefs, desires and intentions that influence their decisions. These types of AI are not present in this world.

• Type 4: Self-awareness.
AI systems have their own self awareness under this category, they have a consciousness. Machines that have self-awareness understand their current state and use the same information to understand what others feel. These types of AI are not present in this world.

Applications of Artificial Intelligence

• AI in healthcare.
The largest use of AI is in the healthcare industry. The biggest challenge here is how we can treat patients better and that too at the least cost. That is why companies are using AI in hospitals so that patients can be treated better and quickly. One such famous healthcare technology is named IBM Watson. Along with this, health assistants have also come for common diseases, with the help of which ordinary people can now get treatment for their diseases. With the use of all these machines, a huge revolution is coming in the healthcare industry.

• AI in business.
Highly repetitive tasks are now being done by machines with the help of robotic process automation. Machine learning algorithms are now being integrated with analytics and CRM platforms to know how companies can help their customers better. Chatbots are being incorporated into the websites so that customers can be served as soon as possible.

• AI in education.
Now with the help of AI, automate grading can be done so that educators can get more time to read children. With the help of AI, any student can be inspected well, what is needed, which subjects are wealk, etc. so that the student can be helped in the right way. Nowadays, with the help of AI Tutors, students are looking for solutions to everything from home. Due to this, interest in their reading is also increasing.

• AI in finance.
Financial institutions are getting a lot of benefits with the help of AI. Because companies had to invest a lot of money and time earlier in data anylasis, but now it does not happen, now only AI does everything in a very short time.

• AI in law.
Earlier, the processing of these documents was a very worrying task, but now with the help of AI, now the processing of these documents is done very easily, this work runs in a very efficient manner.

• AI in manufacturing .
The use of AI is also very strong in the manufacturing industry. Earlier, hundreds of people used to do the work, today, with the help of a machine, the same work is being done very quickly and better.

Artificial Intelligence and our future

The use of Artificial Intelligence is increasing day by day. We humans are slowly becoming more and more like such machines. In an effort to meet our needs, we are making Artificial Intelligence even more powerful and more advance so that it can do our hardest work. Due to this we know that these machines are becoming more powerful inadvertently. And the power of thinking is also increasing gradually, due to which they can adapt themselves to any situation and this is not good for us.

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