How to integrate PayU (PayU Money) with PHP [Documentation]

Hello Everyone, Today in this article i will show you that how  PayU integration in PHP.

First of all you need a Code called which will connect your PHP form with payment gateway PayU or PayU Money or PayU Biz.

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This is this script is written in PHP by Dipu Singh (For Development or any Help Contact Me by WhatsApp ).

payu payment card page
payu integration in php

Generate PayU Key/Salt :-

You Need To Change in Codes

$MERCHANT_KEY = “P9CKTY4Tl”; //Enter Your Merchant Key Here
$SALT = “WIzOkHIU2i”; //Enter Your SALT Key Here

$PAYU_BASE_URL = “”; // For Sandbox Mode
//$PAYU_BASE_URL = “”; // For Live Mode

$productinfo = “Here You Can Add Product Information“;
$surl = “”; //Redirect user after success payment
$furl=””; //Redirect user after payment Failure

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Demo Card Details For PayU

  • Card No – 5123456789012346 
  • Expiry – 22/22
  • CVV – 123
  • Name – Dipu Singh
  • OTP – 12345

Developed By Dipu Singh

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