Instamojo Integration with Contact Form 7 WordPress Doc

How to Integrate Instamojo with Contact Form 7 WordPress

Use $serurl For Demo :- $serurl = “https://test.instamojo.com/api/1.1/payment-requests/”; Use $serurl For Live :- $serurl = “https://instamojo.com/api/1.1/payment-requests/”;   How To Get Instamojo Private API Key and Private Auth Token For Test Mode :- https://test.instamojo.com/integrations For Live Mode :- https://instamojo.com/integrations   Use Below Code in Contact Form 7 For Instamojo Integration <label>…

Integrate Razorpay with Contact Form 7 Code

contact form 7 Razorpay Integration

Integrate Razorpay payment gateway with contact form 7 Picture (1): This is showing the first page which is Made in Contact Form 7 where the user can enter the data that w Picture (2):- In this below picture shows that after the customers fill the data in the form then…