Instamojo Integration with Contact Form 7 WordPress Doc

How to Integrate Instamojo with Contact Form 7 WordPress

Use $serurl For Demo :- $serurl = “https://test.instamojo.com/api/1.1/payment-requests/”; Use $serurl For Live :- $serurl = “https://instamojo.com/api/1.1/payment-requests/”;   How To Get Instamojo Private API Key and Private Auth Token For Test Mode :- https://test.instamojo.com/integrations For Live Mode :- https://instamojo.com/integrations   Use Below Code in Contact Form 7 For Instamojo Integration <label>…

Array character in C Programming

typedef Statement in C with program

Using typedef statement we can create new data type in c programming language. Syntax:- typedef type name; Example:- typedef int number; Now we can use number as datatype, lets see:- number n = 10; WAP in C to Convert Hours in Minute and Secound #include<stdio.h> #define H 60 void main()…